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If you would like to contribute contents to this web site, please contact the Chapter Secretary. We are happy to add announcements (like conferences, workshops, courses, job positions, ...), as well as tutorial material, videos, etc... that could be of interest to the IEEE CASS-Spain community.


  • New web site of the Spain Chapter of IEEE-CASS at: www.cass-ieeespain.org.
  • Second Spain IEEE-CASS Workshop on Micro/Nanoelectronic Circuits and Systems was held at Univ. Carlos III, Madrid, on January 27, 2017. See more details  here.
  • The commemorative event of the 20th anniversary of the Spain Chapter of IEEE-CASS was held on November 24 in Granada. See more details here and the news published at IEEE-CAS Magazine.
  • ISCAS 2020 will be held in Seville, Spain.
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